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Welcome to our Ingenium website

Through this site, we are happy to introduce to you our school dedicated to quality basic education.

We are located in Marikina, beside the Marikina Hotel, and by deliberate choice, we are a small school with current over-all teacher-to-student ratio of 1:9 in the pre-school, and 1:10 in the grade school and high school.

We are of the belief that quality basic education happens one student at a time, and so far, the results strongly support that belief.

We started in the year 2000; and in 2004,  once the pre-school program had been set, we added one grade level at a time. We wanted to start gradually to insure that we created the kind of institutional  culture that supported our vision/mission. This school year (SY 2014-15) we will have our first High School graduates, and in SY 2016-17, we will begin our Grades 11 and 12 program.  Because almost from the start we opted to use the Singapore curriculum in Math and Science,  our transition into the K-12 curriculum has been smooth.

In every possible way, our school is centered on the student—from the very design and construction of the buildings to our curriculum, policies, practices, and other programs. In November of this year (2015), we hope to complete the Pre-School building that, like the 4-story Grade School and High School building beside it, will have been designed specifically for the needs of the little ones.

Because the school, from its conception, has been a personal mission, we are hands-on not only in the goal-setting, but also in the day-to-day running of the school by which an institution actually pursues its vision/mission.

Through the articles and pictures of this website, we hope to share with you our thinking and execution of the goal of quality basic education in the Philippines today. (Also, click our Facebook accounts: “Ingenium School Marikina” and “Ingenium School Marikina-PreSchool”).

We welcome your comments, suggestions, inquiries.


  • Dr. Salve B. Borlagdan, Ph.D., M.A.

    Dr. Salve B. Borlagdan, Ph.D., M.A.

  • Fr. Edmundo M. Martinez, D.Th. Ma, MPA

    Fr. Edmundo M. Martinez, D.Th. Ma, MPA