The following are the age requirements for the various Pre School levels:

  • Nursery – at least 2 years and 8 months old by June
  • Pre-kinder – at least 3 years and 8 months old by June
  • Kinder – at least 4 years and 8 months old by June

Following the above scheme, the Grade School age requirements are as follows:

  • 1st Grade – at least 6 years old by June
  • 2nd Grade – at least 7.5 years old by June
  • 3rd Grade – at least 8.5 years old by June
  • 4th Grade – at least 9.5 years old by June
  • 5th Grade – at least 10.5 years old by June
  • 6th Grade – at least 11.5 years old by June
  • 7th Grade – at least 12.5 years old by June
  • 8th Grade – at least 13.5 years old by June
  • 9th Grade – at least 14.5 years old by June
  • 10th Grade – at least 15.5 years old by June


Bring the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Report card (where applicable for Preschool; required for Grade School)
  3. Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer (where applicable for Preschool and Grade School)
  4. Baptismal certificate or certificate of dedication (for Grade Schoolers)

For Pre-School:

At the Preschool facility on 32 Zenith, fill out the Ingenium Application Form at the Front Desk and pay the application and assessment fees.

  1. Request for an assessment schedule.
  2. Get the result within 3-5 days after the assessment.
  3. Come for an interview.
  4. Pay the reservation fee.
  5. Enroll your child; note the enrollment schedule to avoid inconveniences.

For Grade School and High School:

Go to Ingenium School, located at Cream St., SSS Village, Concepcion 2, Marikina City (beside Marikina Hotel and Marikina Convention Center)

Message from the Director

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Ingenium,

I am pleased to make the following announcements:

Multiple Siblings Discount

The following discounts will be given effective this coming schoolyear 2017-2018:

First Child: No Multiple Sibling Discount
Second Child: PhP 5,000 Discount
Third Child: PhP 10,000 Discount
Fourth Child: PhP 15,000 Discount

New Enrollees

In addition, new Enrollees will continue to qualify for the “Early Bird Discount”

For those who have already enrolled prior to this announcement, the corresponding rebate will be given.

Further, considering that the Pre-School will begin its school year on July 3, 2017, Monday in the new building in Kahagsahan/Magat Salamat Sts., regular enrollment for the pre-school has been extended to June 30, 2017.

Finally, I would like to inform one and all that the Ingenium School will continue to explore various ways to make Ingenium education more affordable without sacrificing its goal of truly quality basic education.

Dr. Salve Borlagdan