Trade Fair 2018

Ingenium School and its Parents’ Council are happy to announce that the 2nd Ingenium Trade Fair is now open for exhibitor applications. As planned, the Trade Fair will be on 11 February 2018, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, at the Preschool Building. Please click the links below to view the rates, exhibitor guidelines and the online application form.

To apply as an exhibitor: Click Here
To view the exhibitor guidelines: Click Here

The Trade Fair is the culmination of the school’s Entrepreneurship Week where the students are taught and exposed to real-life experiences related to running a business.

Ingenium KooBits Math Center Launched

The Math Center is a KooBits-Powered after-school enrichment programme based on the Singapore method of teaching Mathematics which has made Singapore #1 in the world in Math according to the 2016 TIMSS Survey.

Full sessions lasts 3 months, for a total of 8 sessions per month. Two classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday, at 4:00 and at 5:00 pm.  Monthly sessions are also available.

The Ingenium-KooBits Math Center is open to both Ingenium and Non-Ingenium students.  Bring a friend with you and earn discount credits.

Registration is ongoing. For more information, click here.

Classes Suspended 10 November 2017

Classes on all levels are suspended on Friday, 10 November 2017 due to the tropical depression Salome.

The Grade 10 Field Trip scheduled tomorrow, 10 November, has been postponed to a later date which is still to be determined.

Preschool, Grades 1 to 10 Home Study Kits may be claimed at the school lobby starting 3 pm on Friday until Saturday morning. It will also be emailed to all parents.

2nd Sem Message from the Student Council

Dear Everyone,

We are excited to begin the Second Semester with a the back-to-school costume day on 6 November 2017. The students may go to  school in any costume they please be it – fun, funny, scary or simply cute.

However, in order to keep the spirit of fun, we would like everyone to be mindful of their costume and to make sure that 1) It does not offend any race or culture and 2) It will not physically harm anyone.

Have fun and see you all again on the 6th!

Ingenium Student Council
SY 2017-18

Lower Primary Family Day

Congratulations everyone!

House Justitia bags the First Place.
House Temperantia takes Second.
House Prudentia comes in Third.
House Fortitudo lands the Fourth Place.


The Family Day for Grades 1 to 3 starts at 8:00 am today, 21 October 2017. Even the rain can’t stop the event as guests came trickling in as early as 6:45 am. All roads remain flood-free and passable.

4 Houses fight for the house cup: Temperantia, Fortitudo, Justicia, and Prudentia. May the best house win!

Live scores can be seen at:

Exam Rescheduling

UPDATE: 17 October

Malacanang suspends classes on 17 October, Tuesday.  Exams will start on Wednesday following the same sequence:

18 Oct – Science and English
19 Oct – Math
20 Oct – Filipino and Araling Panlipunan


Malacanang has announced that there will be no classes in all levels both in public and private schools tomorrow due to a nationwide transport strike on 16 to 17 October 2017.

We will keep the sequence of GS and JHS 2nd Quarter exams and the schedule will be as follows:

Tue, 17 Oct: English and Science
Wed, 18 Oct: Math
Thu, 19 Oct: Filipino and Araling Panlipunan
Fri, 20 Oct: Start of Semestral Break for all levels


Should the class suspension be extended to Tuesday, 17 October, we will follow the same sequence of exams from Wednesday to Friday.

The Preschool will proceed with regular class schedules from Tuesday or Wednesday until Thursday, and the scheduled Major Field Trip on Friday, 20 October.

We are postponing the Upper Primary Recollection on Thursday, 19 October. We will update you on the new schedule in the coming quarter.

We will push through with the Lower Primary Family Day on Saturday, 21 October 2017.

Lower Primary Students will practice for the Community Dance on Thursday after the exams until 2:00 pm. Should the Lower Primary Houses wish to practice further on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, you may coordinate with the school, through Ms. Acy or Ms. Eva.

Please check the website for further updates.

Thank you very much.

updated as of 4:00 am, 16 Oct

Foundation Day Sportsfest Slated on 6 to 7 October


Online Scoreboard:

Traffic Advisory: In coordination with the City MTO, Cream St. is one way from Pio del Pilar, exiting to Tangerine, White and Kahasagan Sts. This applies for today’s Sportsfest and during the morning rush hour from 6:30 to 7:30 am

Tangerine St. will be a two-way street from Pio del Pilar to Katipunan Rd.

As of 4:00

The first day ends with Temperantia leading the scoreboard, taking first place in Chess, Table Tennis, Dodgeball-HS, Calamansi Relay and Planting Straws.  Prudentia won in Basketball-UP, Basketball Slalom, in Dodgeball-Elementary – taking second place. Justicia takes the 3rd place with a win in Volleyball and Shoot that ball. Fortitudo bested the three other houses in Chess and Basketball-HS.

The Best Team award is still up for grabs as we start the 2nd day tomorrow.

As of 12:51

The final 2 games for the day, basketball and badminton, will start at 1:00 pm. Temperantia still leads the House standings, followed closely by Prudentia.

As of 10:36

Temperantia leads with 70 points followed by Prudentil at 60

Lower primary will be dismissed at 11:00

As of 9:51

First Game of Planting Straws ends with Team Temperantia leading.

As of 9:00 am

The Opening Ceremonies featured the entrance of the four Houses, culminating in the lighting of the cauldron where all players swore by the sportsmanship oath.

Ingenium School Celebrates its 17th year with a Sportsfest on its Foundation day on 6 to 7 October 2017. The two day event features and all-student sportsfest on Friday and a Parent-Staff showdown on Sartuday, 7 October.

Baskeball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess and other sporting events are spread across the two days. The four Ingenium House Teams will compete against each other.

May the best House win!


As of: 3:50 pm

Due to heavy rain, some students (Grade 6, class number 11 to 33) who went for the dental checkup are currently unable to return to the school. They are all in Dr. Salve’s private home at the moment. They will be brought back to the school as soon as it is safe to travel.

As of 4:33 pm

Roads around the school remain impassable to light vehicles.

As of 5:09

Roads still impassable. Report of a stalled vehicle on the intersection of Pio del Pilar and Cream Streets. Tangerine is still impassable

As of 5:15

Grade 6 students from Dr. Salve’s house has just arrived at the school. Large vehicles might be able to pass, but we do not advise it yet. Snacks have been provided for students.

As of 5:35

Roads passable for heavy vehicles. Flood level is about ankle deep around the school.

As of 5:41

Roads are passable for all vehicles. Only a few inches of floodwater on Cream St. Pio del Pilar is still more than ankle-deep. We advise passing through Tangerine St. then turn to White St.

As of 5:56

All roads immediately around the school are now passable to all vehicles and waters have completely subsided Tangerine St. is still a better option than Pio del Pilar.

As of 6:22

Most of the students have been fetched. Only a handful of students are left. School personnel will stay in school until the last student has gone. Dr. Salve is seeing through all arrangements personally.

Food and drinks are available to the students still in school.

This ends our live updates.

Regular Classes on 21 September

Ingenium will hold regular classes tomorrow, Thursday, 21 Sept. Instead, there will be no classes on 9 October, Monday, after the Foundation Day Sportsfest events of the preceding 6 & 7 October (Friday and Saturday, respectively).