Drama and Public Speaking


Among the many activities of Ingenium, public speaking occupies a special place.

From the very beginning of school in 2000, even as a pre-school, drama, stage presentations, and public speaking have always been part of Ingenium’s  educational formation process. In the pre-school, stage presentations offer the opportunity for the very young to work with others, follow instructions, achieve a common task. But at the same time, participating in such presentations  initiate the training process for public speaking. To develop the habitual skills to stand up without fear before an audience, to think on one’s feet, speak clearly, intelligently, and convincingly, while all the while maintaining  self-presence and sensitivity to the reaction of the audience—these are formation objectives that not only build up the self-confidence of the student, but also, by that very token, enhance leadership qualities. And such leadership qualities are important tools in promoting the core values of civitas, sapientia, and caritas in the community.