As of: 3:50 pm

Due to heavy rain, some students (Grade 6, class number 11 to 33) who went for the dental checkup are currently unable to return to the school. They are all in Dr. Salve’s private home at the moment. They will be brought back to the school as soon as it is safe to travel.

As of 4:33 pm

Roads around the school remain impassable to light vehicles.

As of 5:09

Roads still impassable. Report of a stalled vehicle on the intersection of Pio del Pilar and Cream Streets. Tangerine is still impassable

As of 5:15

Grade 6 students from Dr. Salve’s house has just arrived at the school. Large vehicles might be able to pass, but we do not advise it yet. Snacks have been provided for students.

As of 5:35

Roads passable for heavy vehicles. Flood level is about ankle deep around the school.

As of 5:41

Roads are passable for all vehicles. Only a few inches of floodwater on Cream St. Pio del Pilar is still more than ankle-deep. We advise passing through Tangerine St. then turn to White St.

As of 5:56

All roads immediately around the school are now passable to all vehicles and waters have completely subsided Tangerine St. is still a better option than Pio del Pilar.

As of 6:22

Most of the students have been fetched. Only a handful of students are left. School personnel will stay in school until the last student has gone. Dr. Salve is seeing through all arrangements personally.

Food and drinks are available to the students still in school.

This ends our live updates.