Hands-On Management

The actualization of the vision/mission of an organization, stated on paper,  into the day-to-day operations and culture of an organization, is always a key challenge of management. This is particularly true of a service organization like a school, whose success is primarily measured not in pesos and centavos (“profit”), or number of students (“market-share”) but in such elusive and intangible objectives as the “holistic” or “quality formation” of the students. To achieve such objectives, the quality of leadership is key.

Because Ingenium School, from its conception to its execution and continuous development has the character of a personal mission on the part of its co-founders, the co-founders are “hands-on” in the running of the school. The development of the curriculum; the selection, orientation, training, and guidance of the faculty; the selection, modification, adaptation of textbooks and educational tools; the policies, practices, rules and, in some key areas, even external behavior of students and faculty; the allocation of resources and planning for future development, both immediate and long-term—all this demands “hands-on” management, for it is through such important details that the fidelity to the mission/vision can be realized. Necessarily and deliberately, the active participation of all concerned, including the parents, are solicited and encouraged, but the final decision in all matters that directly impact on the mission/vision of the school rests with the co-founders and the Board.

The necessity for such “hands-on” involvement on the part of the co-founders can be seen in the critical area of faculty. Faculty comes from various backgrounds and experiences. Once the academic qualifications are met, there are still important qualities that must be weighed and evaluated in recruitment, foremost of which, for Ingenium, is the love for the children. Beyond recruitment, there is the continuing guidance and support that must be given so that the “fullest personal development” that is the goal of Ingenium refers not only to the students, but also to its faculty; and the “creation of community” in Ingenium, that embraces not only students but also their parents,  is founded on the solid sense of community  among the faculty and the administration. Thus, aside from the personal and professional development seminars and workshops in the faculty’s activity calendar for the year,  there are the celebratory events and meals like the simple, but monthly, get-togethers for the birthday celebrants for the month, or the dinners for the more special  occasions like the Foundation Day and Christmas.

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