A core value of Ingenium education is the sense of responsibility not only for one’s self (independence, self-reliance, sense of self-worth, initiative, self-motivation, and so on), but also for others and, more particularly, for the community and the country. These values are expressed in the catch words in  the Ingenium logo, civitas and caritas, and imbedded in its mission for “A Better Philippines”.

As early as the pre-school years, the children are made aware of and taught to appreciate  the various institutions, functions, service providers in the community they live in. Thus they have  minor field trips to the city hall and the fire department, to manufacturing and business enterprises. In the annual Community Helpers’ Week, the pre-schoolers dress up to make believe they are doctors, or engineers, or athletes, etc.,  while parents and teachers create a virtual village featuring various enterprise booths (e.g., hospital, market, restaurant, fire station, gym, etc).  The students then  manipulate materials and “tools of the trade, ” and explain to one another what service they provide to the community. At Christmastime, they carry out a project to remember and help the less fortunate children.

While the different levels of the school have their own initiatives for outreach, it is when some natural disaster occurs that the whole school comes together to respond in a common relief effort.

This was true in 2009 when Ondoy struck and wreaked havoc on Marikina. Small as the school was at that time, it raised over P1-million pesos and distributed 10,231 relief packages in the hard-hit areas of Marikina in an early response to the disaster. Similarly again, in the recent Bohol earthquake and Yolanda typhoon, the whole school—parents, faculty, and students—responded quickly and generously.

 Ingenium’s response to the recent disasters were in two stages. The first stage was more immediate and involved the solicitation of relief goods and cash from the children, the parents, and friends of Ingenium. The second stage was the fund-raising effort through the annual Christmas presentation of the school. The second stage involve converting its annual Christmas Play into a fund-raising Variety Show. For this, all the students—including their teachers–from the different levels, pulled together and presented a variety show named, “IGNITE”. Playing to their largest capacity audience so far, the Ingenium students and the faculty successfully raised funds through sponsorships, ticket sales, and donations.

Ingenium’s relief efforts in the first stage were plugged into the network of parishes in the devastated areas through the local parish of St. Paul of the Cross.   Funds from Ignite, the second stage,  are intended to be used in helping revive the livelihood of some  fisherfolks in the devastated areas.