Physical Facilities & Quality Education

Adequate physical facilities, equipment, and educational resources  are needed to carry out  today’s educational task. Their level of quality is one measure of the seriousness and capacity of the school to provide quality education. On the most obvious level, the quality and care of a school’s physical facilities are indicators of the pride the school has in its work and the respect it has for its students.

A proud feature of Ingenium School is its first class facilities and equipment. Its  new 4-storey building was designed from scratch with the students’ needs in mind, with a centrally located chapel, a three-level user-friendly library, ramps up to the top floor for student trolley bags, spacious activity areas in every floor, ceiling-mounted LCD projectors or large wall TV monitors, serious sound-and-lights set-up for students’ use, faculty rooms on every floor –all bundled in an airy expansive building interior.