The Ingenium Referral Incentive Program

Register as a Referror


  1. The Ingenium Referral Incentive Program is a program that gives a stipulated amount of “credits” to a Reférror for every of their Reférree who successfully enrolls in Ingenium School.
  2. A “Reférror” is the parents/guardians of a student(s) already enrolled in Ingenium School for any program .
  3. The “Reférree” is the parent/guardian of a student(s) not currently enrolled in Ingenium School.
  4. The Stipulated Credits for a successful referral are:
    1. For the Regular Academic Program: P5,000.00 for every successful Reférree;
    2. For Ingenium-Koobits Math Program: P2,000.00 for every successful Reférree
    3. For the Ingenium Summer Programs: P1,000.00 for every successfully Reférree per every specific Summer Program.

  5. To avail of the credits, the following process must be followed:

    1. Reférrors must register the names of their prospective Reférrees beforehand either through the on-line registration or by filling out and submitting the registration form at the Administration Office of the school 
    2. In turn, the Reférrees, when they enroll, should indicate the name of their Reférror;
    3. The credits are automatically given to the Reférror once there is a match between the information provided by the new enrollee (the Reférree) and the registered information provided earlier by the Reférror.
  6. The credits are applied as a discount for any Ingenium program except for Miscellaneous Fees. They are applied at the final payment period of the Reférror.  They are non-transferrable and cannot be converted to cash.

  7. The credits are valid only for one academic cycle. The academic cycle consists of one regular academic program and the summer program following (June to May), or one summer program and the regular program following (April to March), whichever applies.
  8. Similarly the registered names of Reférrees (#5.1 above) submitted by a Reférror are valid only for the same period (#7 above).
  9. There is no limit to the number of Reférrees a Reférror may register, nor is there any limit to the amount of credits a Reférror may earn.
  10. Finally, the credits earned in this Referral Program is in addition to any other discounts one may already be eligible for.
  11. Other Discounts for the School Year 2018-19:

Early Bird Discount of P3,000.00

  •  for old students enrolling before April 30, 2018;
  •  for new students enrolling within one working week after the successful assessment of the applicant.

Sibling Discounts:

  • P5,000.00 for the second sibling, 10,000.00 for the third sibling; and
  • 15,000.00 for the fourth sibling.



EXAMPLE: If a Reférror has two children enrolled in Ingenium, takes advantage of the Early Bird Program, and successfully refers two new students, the discounts are as follow:

Early Bird Discount P 3,000.00
Sibling Discount for 2nd Child P 5,000.00
Referral Credits (2 x P5,000.00) P10,000.00
Total Discounts P18,000.00

QUESTION: “When can I apply the credits earned?”
Answer: (Example.) If the credits are earned between now and July 2018 the credits can be applied for the Summer Program of 2018 and/or the Regular Academic Program of 2018-2019 or for the Regular Academic Program of 2018-2019 and the Summer Program of 2019.

QUESTION: “Can I still earn credits after the school year has started?”
Answer: It can happen that a Reférree enrolls after the school year has started because he/she is a transferee from abroad. In such a case the credits can be applied for that same current year and/or for the Summer following or, if preferred, they can be applied for the coming summer and/or following regular academic year. Thus, credits earned in August, 2018, can be applied
either for Regular School year 2018-1019 or the summer of 2019.
or for the Summer of 2019 and the Regular School year of 2019-20.

QUESTION: “What happens if a Reférree has two or more validly registered Reférrors.”
Answer: The Reférree will have the final say on who should get the credits among the validly registered Reférrors.

QUESTION: “Can the parent of a new student in Ingenium already become a Reférror?”
Answer: Yes, the parents of a new student, immediately upon enrollment of their child, are already qualified to become Reférrors.

QUESTION: If I submit the name of a Reférree today, and he enrolls only 3 years from now, do I still get credits three years from now?
Answer: The names of Reférrors and Reférrees are deemed erased after one academic cycle (#7 of the Guidelines). One should re-register the name of the Reférree within the one appropriate academic cycle.

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