Parents-School Partnership and the Ingenium Community

For Ingenium, developing real sustained working partnership between the parents and the school, strengthening the bonds between parents and their children, and creating supportive bonds among the parents themselves,  are critical factors in achieving its goal of quality basic education (i.e. the holistic formation of the student).

Why A Parents-School Partnership?

The importance of this partnership between the parents and the school is based on four generally recognized facts:

1. The successful formation of a child consists not only in the intellectual (academic excellence), but also in the harmonious development of the physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual. All these facets of the student come together in the quality of his/her choices and actions which, as habitual (“character”), begins to define the student’s basic orientation in life.

2. These various facets of the child are not in isolated compartments, but are  interconnected with one another. Thus, if a child is happy, secure, and self-confident, he/she is more positively disposed to learning; if the child is not self-indulgent and spoiled, he/she can more successfully handle difficult tasks; if a child is in an environment where mistakes evoke encouragement for further growth, rather than provoke condemnation and blame, the student finds the courage to innovate and take initiatives, to be more resilient and successfully deal with setbacks and failures.

3. The child is continually learning and being formed 24/7–in short,  every moment of his/her waking hours. Thus, to watch TV for 3 hours straight  gives a different learning/formative result from enjoying the same 3 hours to successively read a book, draw pictures, play with friends, and help around the house—all within the same 3 hours!  If that is true of a mere 3 hours, it is even more true of the habitual patterns of behavior that develop in a child’s life.

4. The child is in Ingenium only a few hours of weekdays.

It is therefore critically important that what the child learns/experiences in school is reinforced by what the child learns/experiences at home, and vice versa. And where there is serious disharmony between the two, it is important that those disharmonies be identified and constructively resolved.

Howto Develop the Partnership?

All this means the close and continual cooperation and communication between the school and the parents.

Ingenium tries to develop such cooperation and communication through the following policies and practices:

a. Ingenium makes every effort to make explicit and communicate to the parents the goals and values the school strives for and lives by. First, there is the initial parents’ orientation in the beginning of the year. Then, there are the parenting seminars,  the annual recollection for parents, , the students’ Friday masses (to which parents are welcome). Finally, there are the on-going interaction between parents and the school listed below.

b. Moreover, Ingenium has on-going communication channels with parents such as the “Patecon” (Parent Teacher Communication Notebook), and the open-line communication between the school and the parents through cellphone, email, social network, circulars, letters to parents, meetings, PTCs (Parent-Teacher Conferences), this website and the Ingenium Facebook sites.

c. Finally, to  foster and sustain this close relationship between the home and the school, Ingenium has maintained the Family Day tradition, and invites the parents to actively participate in all the various activities of the school, particularly in the pre-school, such as story-telling, literacy and academic fairs,  minor and major field trips, exhibits, contests, and so on. In addition, there are the school-wide stage presentations like the annual Christmas stage presentation.

Creating An “Ingenium Community” For Mutual Support

Finally, in creating strong bonds between the parents and the school, there is created as well the supportive bonds among the parents themselves and among the families of Ingenium students, thus giving rise to an “Ingenium Community.” At root, the Ingenium Community is based on commonly shared ideals and values, practices and behavior. The value of such a community has been affirmed in the experiences of many parents, and for Ingenium such a community helps realize Ingenium’s vision of “A better Philippines.”


The growth and development (or non-growth and underdevelopment) of a child is a function of being alive. In other words the proper formation or ill-formation of a child is a sustained, on-going, 24/7 affair. This fact alone reveals the key role of both the school and the home in the development of the child: the school, because it is the institutionalized, expert-based program for the child’s development, and the home, because it is the natural setting of the child’s developing life. The home’s spontaneous and all-inclusive  environment is matched by the school’s directed and concentrated professional focus. Their differing roles in the child’s development call for the intimate collaboration and “synchronization” between the home and the school, if the child is to maximize his/her growth and development.


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