Student Council Launches “Junk Wars!”

Update:  Feb 13
Grade 2 Generous wins the Junk Wars with a total of 113 points!  Congratulations! Enjoy your pizza party!

The Ingenium Student Council has launched its first major project.  The “Junk Wars” is a competitive recycling drive where each class will aim to gather the most number of newspapers, PET bottles,cardboard, metals and old electronic gadgets

Proceeds from this activity will go to an upcoming project by the student council on 18 February..

It is in this light that the Parents’ Council asks for your support in making the student council’s project a success.  From 30 January to 9 February, may we request you to have your students bring the above mentioned recyclables to school.

Junk Wars aims to promote not only recycling, but also the value of cleanliness.  We want the students to be aware that collecting recyclables can be done in an orderly way that still provides a safe and healthy environment – free of the possibility of disease and insect infestation.  The following guidelines below help ensure this outcome:

1.1  Each item will need to be pre-sorted into the following categories before bringing it to school:

Paper (Old Newspapers, scratch paper: secured with twine or rope)
Magazines (or any glossy paper)
PET bottles (must be dry and clean)
Metal Bottle Caps (tansan)
Aluminum cans (must be dry and clean)
Old electronic gadgets and appliances (accepted only on 2 February)

1.2  Label the materials with the student’s name, grade level and section

1.3  Drop off the items every morning, from 6:45 to 7:30 am, at the Kahasagan Gate.  Student volunteers will receive the items


The following conditions must be followed:

All recyclables including PET bottles and aluminum cans should be brought to school clean and dry. Otherwise, these materials will not be accepted.

Recyclable materials should be sorted (see above).  Otherwise, these materials will not be accepted.

Papers should be secured with twine/straw rope.

For the complete rules of the competition, please visit