The Four-Storey Main Building


The  4-storey building of Ingenium School was blessed last October 2,  2011. With inputs from Fr. Ed Martinez with his years of building projects experiences  in the Ateneo de Manila and Ateneo de Davao Universities, and from Dr. Salve Borlagdan with her accumulated experience in the finer requirements of training and learning facilities, the Rolando Mercado and Associates (RMDA) architectural firm in Makati masterfully  designed a building that is not only functional and, in many respects, green, but also inviting to use and a pleasure to behold. The whole building with its  generous cross-ventilation, its  airy and expansive corridors , its floor-to-ceiling windows, its broad open quadrangle in the middle along side of which runs a student ramp to the top of the building, possesses a sense of opennes and freedom that complements the expansion of personal horizons that quality education gives .  Among the other endearing features of the building are:

  • the curtain glass wall that forms the façade of the building;
  • the ramps that glide up to the fourth floor intended to facilitate the students’ pulling up their cumbersome bags;
  • the wide main stairway and two ancillary side stairs in the north and south corners of the building;
  • the floor-to-ceiling jalouosied windows that admit the greatest amount of ventilation;
  • the three-level library with its own internal stairs that look out through the curtain glass façade;
  • the wide canopied entrance that leads into a sweeping unencumbered foyer
  • the chapel that finds its special setting in the wide foyer
  • the grilled entrance side that affords privacy while cutting off neither ventilation nor the sense of connection with the outside;
  • the roof deck that is planned for a green inviting roof garden and pockets of meeting areas for the students.
  • wi-fi connection throughout the whole building
  • LCD projectors or large TV monitors in every classroom

The building, anticipating the organic progression of basic education into the K-12 Program,  is intended for the use of the Grade School and the High School (Grades 1 to 12).

Future plans include the construction of a covered courts facility and, following Ingenium policy, a student-centered appropriately-designed complex to house the pre-school and the Lower Primary (Grades 1-3). These future constructions will be located in the present sports and playing fields across the Ingenium main building.

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