The K-12 Program

The Philippine government has finally instituted the K-12 program to bring the basic education program of the country on a par with that of other countries. In general, the K-12 program has added two years of basic education to the old set up of 6-4 years of grade school and high school.

From the start, Ingenium recognized the inadequacy of the 6-4 set up and therefore designed a grade school that would take 7 rather than only 6 years. Moreover, Ingenium has always looked upon the pre-school, the grade school and the high school as one continuous process of basic educational formation. Thus, very early on, Ingenium adopted the Singapore curriculum Math and Science and, with the needed adaptations, in English.  The Singapore curriculum consisted of a normal track consisting of 6 years primary, 4 years secondary, and 2 years pre-university or junior college for a total  of 12 years. Thus, when the K-12  program was introduced by the government, Ingenium had relatively minimal adjustments to make in its program of studies.

In the mind of the designers of the K-12 program, the added years of Grades 11 and 12 can provide the option for students to prepare themselves for employment through skills and vocational training.  In other words, there would be the possibility of being gainfully employed without a university education.

Ingenium, however, plans to take the “academic track”, that is, to devote Grades 11 and 12 to preparing its students to successfully undertake college or university studies similar to pre-university in Singapore and elsewhere.