The Mission & Vision of Ingenium


The mission and vision of Ingenium School is “For a Better Philippines”. It expresses the aspiration of the school to make a positive contribution to the developmental situation that is the Philippines.    At first glance the mission/vision seems to be quite distant into the future. Once broken down into its components, however, it can be seen to be quite immediate and operational.

A first component is the students. While their leadership role in Philippine society is envisioned to be in the future as adults, whether as entrepreneurs or professionals, still their formation for such future leadership roles is taking place in the school right now.  For Ingenium, authentic leadership that promotes the common good is possible only through self-leadership, and self-leadership is made possible through the total, integral and authentic formation of the person. Such formation seeks to develop the habit of choosing service over greed, competence over ignorance, hard work over mere appearances of work.  And such formation is the core business of Ingenium School.

A second component is the parents and their families. Building upon the natural strong bonds between the parents/guardians and their children, Ingenium seeks to communicate to the families the core values of the school, and thus create common values, aspirations, and behavior among Ingenium families that constitutes a kind of “Ingenium Community”.  Such community-building is sorely needed in a developmental situation, and it is happening not in the future but in the actual operation of the school.

A third component is the modeling role that Ingenium School itself tries to become. There is a direct link between the development of a society and the development of its institutions. Normally “the common good” that individuals enjoy (e.g. running water) are channeled through institutions (MWSS, Manila Water, Inc. and supporting institutions).  In a developmental situation,  a serious need is for reliably functioning  institutions for service. Thus, it is Ingenium’s ambition to be such a reliably functioning institution that it can take a  leadership role of service not only in the community but also with other educational institutions for shared progress and mutual support in a common task.

The Core Values of Ingenium

At the heart of this multi-level thrust towards “a better Philippines”, are the core values of Ingenium, captured by the Latin catch-words in its logo: Civitas, Sapientia, and Caritas.


“Citizenship.” Each one is bound to others in society. Each one receives from society; each one should then give back to society. All the institutions of society are human creations, so that the Philippine society we have is the cumulative result of everyone’s action or inaction, whether for progress or decline. By their leadership potentials, Ingenium students are called to nourish, improve, create institutions for the better. Personal development finds its fullest fulfillment in the service of others in society.


“Wisdom” is “the virtue of right judgment” (St. Thomas Aquinas). The true measure of a person is the quality of his or her decision and action.  Decision and action for progress, in turn, rest on the person’s openness to facts;  his critical understanding of them; his  reasonable assessment of what is true; his choice of responsible action; and his generosity and courage to carry it out. It is the passion to create the truly good, founded on truth.


 “Love.” Love is born of gratitude, and is shown in deeds, not in words. The privileged  position of Ingenium students in society is a gift for which one should be grateful. Gratitude is shown in the service of others in society, with an ever compassionate eye for the less fortunate.

The Model

The model that incarnates all these core values par excellence and that Ingenium holds up to its students as the model, is the man,  Jesus, with all his human qualities so visible in the gospels, directed to one over-riding message and example–the self-sacrificiing love that overcomes evil with good.

The Patron

By the same token, the Patron of Ingenium School is Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

The central role of Jesus is depicted in Ingenium’s logo. Set in its center is the stylized letter of chi (X) rho (P), the first two letters of Christos in Greek.